New Couple Massage Option

couple massage

As of April 2022, we offer a new couple massage option…

I have about 8 couples who come in once per month, who insist on me working on them one at a time.  A few of them are couples who used to come in when we offered couple massage with two therapists.  We did that for 12 years but both of my other therapists have retired because of Covid-19.

How Does It work

My couples who come in all REALLY enjoy their time together.  One person gets worked on while the other partner relaxes in the adjacent room.  My couples talk to each other and some even come in the room and will kiss their partner while they are getting worked on.  I take a few minutes to set the room back up and then I work on the 2nd person.  You are served ice water and chocolates.

The Advantages

  • Save on individual massages
  • Times available are way more flexible
  • You both get to experience my very unique, hot stone foot massage
  • You BOTH get a therapist who delivers great pressure; is a master of hot stone therapy; and who has over 10 years experience.  Donna delivers real bodywork that leaves you feeling like a brand new person!

The Cost and Options

*For the month of September, all couples who book a back-to-back couples massage or a couples training get locked into lower prices on single sessions for a whole year!  You will automatically get $20 off the 75 and 90 minute sessions.

Two 45 minute sessions – $140 per couple.  This is our Stressbuster session.  It includes the hot stone foot massage and targeted work on the lower back/hips, back and neck/shoulders.

Two 60 minute sessions – $170 per couple.  This is a $40 savings since the male and female costs are slightly different.  Done separately, you would be paying $210.

NEW! Date Night Couple Training – $200 per couple.  You both will receive a 30 minute massage (an incredible foot massage plus a hot stone massage for your lower back, back and neck); and 30 minutes of instruction of how to work on your partner.  I immediately teach more advanced techniques based on usual areas of pain or chronic tension (per a questionnaire).  You have the option to have champagne and a romantic music collection playing during your date night session!

*Please note:  You cannot compare us with other places on price.  Most other places you are just getting a straight massage.  We automatically incorporate aromatherapy, deep tissue, hot stone therapy, and an incredible hot stone foot massage.

Prenatal Couple Massage

We have always been, one of the few places in the area that even offered a prenatal couple massage.  Any prenatal clients who are experiencing pain or discomfort will definitely want to come to me because most other places only offer a very LIGHT, superficial massage for prenatal.  It is simply because they are not trained in prenatal.  I have had many prenatal clients complain that they were very upset by the massages they received at other locations.  Just be aware.

If you come in with a pregnant mother, she will get an awesome prenatal massage and you can get a massage customized to your needs.  If you need sports massage – you get that.  If you need deep tissue or relaxation massage – you get that.


“I am honored to do this review because we have been coming to Heavenly Healing for a few years now.  Back when we started, Donna had another therapist who she worked with but now we come in and she works on both of us, one person after the other.  I would rather spend a little extra time and come here because we leave feeling so relaxed and pain free.  We just have not experienced that at other places, no matter how fancy they were.  Donna makes us feel comfortable, at home, and very welcome.  We have fun and enjoy our time in her lovely space and when we leave, we end up enjoying the rest of our day together even more!  Thanks again Donna for your wonderful service!  We are clients for life.”  Audra and Rick S.; May 2022 – Couples massage

“My hubby and I came from Canada for a few days to relax and unwind and we booked a couple massage with Donna and were blown away.  Not only did she make us feel so very welcome and at home but she was professional and took the time to give us tips for pain relief at home.  She provided us with ice water and premium chocolates and her office immediately made us feel relaxed.  We both enjoyed her massage and it was was a cut above most other massages we have had before.  I particularly enjoyed such a thorough foot massage.  That was very welcome since I work on my feet 6 days a week.  Overall, Donna really helped to kick off our ;time together in a great way!”  Angela R.; March 2022 – Couple massage

How To Set Your Session

To schedule your sessions, call or text Donna at 216-339-3401.  Afternoons and evenings are available during the week and some weekend slots are available.  Everything is done by appointment.

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