We Are Better Than Massage Envy

We are better than Massage Envy.  There!  I said it.  Took me over 9 years to get to the point where I have the courage to shout this from the rooftop.  WE ARE BETTER!  WAAAAAY BETTER!

I see the commercials.  JUST SAW ONE AGAIN!  I get clients asking me how we are different from Massage Envy other than the fact that we do not require you to have a membership.  


Most massage rooms at Massage Envy are pretty small and there is no air purifier in each room.  They claim there is an air venting system.  But honestly, suddenly all these businesses are claiming they have a built-in ventilation system.  When I went to Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood in 2020, they had huge air purifiers sitting all around the Emergency Room floor.  I could SEE them therefore, I felt super comfortable and safe.  You would simply have to trust Massage Envy that they are actually cleaning the air differently than before the pandemic.

We have two powerful air purifiers that cycle the air with TRUE HEPA technology.  They capture and clean out particles the size of coronovirus.   We screen clients, limit how many clients we see, and everyone wears a mask.  For the comfort of our clients, they only wear a mask when face up because we use a different face cradle system when they are face down.  All of our clients have been most comfortable.


I just saw the commercial again for Massage Envy and got really annoyed.  I used to be a member about 11 years ago (after being in a wheelchair from breaking my ankle) and I stayed with them for over a year before cancelling.  So, I have seen many things first-hand.  The rest I have learned from listening to clients who come to us after going there.

The commercial was stating that if you come in this month you get FREE ENHANCEMENTS.  When I was there, you had to pay for Biofreeze to be used; you had to pay for hot stone therapy or for warm towels to be used; you have to pay for every little thing that was not just a regular, boring massage.

We have lots of things that are just a PART of our sessions:

Deep Muscle Therapy – This is our signature muscle treatment where we combine a cooling cream with deep tissue techniques and hot stone therapy.  Some of the deep work is actually performed with the warmed stones making the work super effective and even soothing.

Hot Stone Therapy – Every session we offer has some level of hot stone therapy.  Even our prenatal massage.  The warmed stones help to increase the relaxation effect and helps to quickly relax muscles for more effective therapy.  It is said that one stroke with a warmed stone is the same as 10 strokes with a therapist’s hands alone.  This is very true.  However, we simply ENHANCE our massage by mixing in the stone work as we go.

Hot Stone Foot Massage – Our foot massage  is very unique and much longer than a typical foot massage included in a session.  It includes lots of hand work, deep tissue, elements of reflexology, and hot stone therapy which all help to relieve stress and open up the energy centers in the body.  It is one of the secrets to why our clients emerge from a session feeling like a brand new person.

Deep Tissue – We do Swedish Massage but also add in elements of other modalities as needed.  We are unusual in that we believe in LEVELS OF DEEP TISSUE.  We do not just use one level of pressure.  We communicate with our clients so that any deep tissue work is tolerable to the client.  And because we incorporate the hot stone therapy, we are able to work on areas that would be too tender or sore to work on otherwise.

Hot Towels – If you book a longer session we may include the use of heated towels for the neck/shoulder area, feet, and back.  

Aromatherapy in the massage cream – We include our favorite essential oil blends in our massage cream for most of our sessions.  This helps with stress, and helps muscles and joints to feel better.  Plus our clients love the way it smells!


One of the things I did NOT like when going to Massage Envy is the fact that I had to ASK for a neck roll.  I also did not like their small, hard bolster under my knees.  We use a large, fluffy, soft bolster.  We automatically put a nice neck roll under your neck.  Our tables are super warm and comfy and we use plush sheets and blankets.  You will be in a meticulously decorated massage room and you will experience wonderful aromatherapy and the best spa music during your session.


You mean there is more?  Yup.  

You see, because Massage Envy is so CORPORATE, they seriously restrict what their therapists are able to do.  They have a ridiculous number of rules and things they cannot do.  How do I know?  Because when I was a client for over a year – I regularly asked questions of the therapists as I was just curious.  They all knew that I had my own practice so they asked me a LOT of questions too.

Therapists in private practice are free to simply use ALL of the skills they have learned from massage school and advanced training as needed.  Our hands are not tied.  We are free to work intuitively and we are not constantly boxed in by corporate rules.  This means we can work more effectively on clients.


Many larger spas and places like Massage Envy and Hand and Stone – go after newbies right out of massage school.  Why do they do this?  Because it is cheaper.  They can get away with paying them $15 an hour or less and the new graduates are glad to get it.

We never utilize newbies in our practice.  To work with us you must have at least 5 years or more of experience.  


To book your session, call or text Donna at 216-339-3401.  By appointment only.  We offer afternoon, evening and weekend appointments.

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